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  1. Asin

    Brand new 10g!

    Looks great, good luck!
  2. New price: $200 shipped
  3. Asin

    WTB 36" Lighting

  4. 1. 36 inch 4x39W Sunlight Supply Tek Light High Output Fluorescent Lighting Fixture - $200 Item is in perfect working order and less than 1 year old, can't remember exactly when I purchased it, but I know its been less than a year. The TEK comes with bulbs and no I don't know what they are. Currently they have some borrowed from Jerome736, so those will go back to him or you can talk to him about purchasing them. They will have the ones that the mighty red robot (adinsxq) picked out for me. Mounting legs included. If for some reason you MUST PM me about questions that were not answered here, you may do so. Otherwise, only PM me if you want to buy it. The price is firm, so no "OBO." No shipping, pick up in SoCal ONLY. -Iz
  5. Asin

    DeMartini's ADA Reef

    If you plan on going with a black background, try a RENA filter w/heater attachment. Heater attaches to intake, can't see it and saves space. The filters are black, so it would blend with your background. Just a thought!
  6. How much for the fixture without the legs?
  7. How old is the TEK fixture?
  8. Asin

    Coralife 36" MH DE 150W Fixture

    How old is the fixture?
  9. Check SCNRS.com for Local SoCal peeps. I'm sure someone will help you out.
  10. Asin

    DT's New Joint

  11. Asin

    If you were forced to have a damsel...

    Garibaldi Damsel FTW
  12. Asin

    WTB 50+ Gallon Tank, So Cal

    Hope to see you both at the BBQ this weekend!