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  1. Kogut's 20L Ver. 2

    Ditto on that tri color! Besides the percs, what other fish do you have in there now? To bad about that baby maxima, it was awsome but anyways tank is lookin great.
  2. Dumb coral question - Zoanthids!

    Some of my zoos close up at night but some stay open. I think it is just the specific coral.
  3. Pili's 40g Breeder

    Ah haa!!! Its the bicolor that has been chowin down on my nass snails...not the copperbanded. Well i think i know who is goin back to the LFS this weekend!
  4. Whats the secret to coral growth?

    your calcium is a bit high actually. It should be in the 400-420 range. What is your alk?
  5. Reefer Addict's Ganja oops Coral Farm

    i got mine at a LFS by me but i have seen a few places online also. I think that anyplace that sells amircle wet/dry type filters would have them.
  6. Reefer Addict's Ganja oops Coral Farm

    i've been using an amircle overflow on my 40g for 3 months now it works great. As long as you keep the siphon tube reletively free of crap (ie. algea, detritus. etc.) and clean it every so often you shouldnt have a problem. And it only takes about 5 min and a piece of airline tubing to set up:)
  7. Upgrading, advice please

    I think that any 150w DE bulb should work.
  8. nautilus in home aquarium?

    A LFS by me had one for a couple months until it died. They said that they need a pressurized tank for it because of the depths at which they live. It was pretty cool though.
  9. free cleaner package =)

    I just got mine today (i got express shipping) and almost everything was alive and well. There were a few dead nass snials but there were plenty of extras in there that it didnt make a difference. The zoos were well wrapped in wet newspaper also and are opening up great. Looking foward to the new and improved website:)
  10. 5 gallon nano?

    I think that you would be fine with any of the fishes on your list except for the wrasses(they like the extra room and LR to pick at) and the rainford's goby for the same reason. I would stay away from the damsel as well just becasue they are mean SOB's. Another cool thing to consider would be a shrimp goby and pistol shrimp pair. They form a symbiotic relationship with each other and they are really cool. I wouldnt have more than about 3 fish though depending on your filtration (sump, fuge, skimmer,etc.).
  11. Pili's 40g Breeder

    Definatley, i'm so close to 23, lol! Yah the coraline is all over. I have to scrape it off pretty often. I dont even know what i'm doing right but i guess its something because it was the same way in in my nano cube also.
  12. Pili's 40g Breeder

    I think I got the crazy copper banded. He has takin a likeing to my nass snails (i found a few empty shells by where he sleeps at night) and he likes to pace from the front of the tank to the back of the tank all day long like he is playing tag with the mag float. I may try returning him and getting a new one if this keeps up. Nass snails are an expensive diet.
  13. Pili's 40g Breeder

    Well, I couldnt resist. He is doing great so far (i have had him since friday) but he is not eating quite as much mysis as i would like. I have seen him pick a little at it but he might just be full from eating all of the small feather dusters and pods in my tank so i cant tell if he is just not eating or he is not hungy. Otherwise, he is swimming happyly about, picking at things. And if he starts getting a little to big then well, i may just have to get a bigger tank;)
  14. kenya tree picture

    Just click on my sig to see my thread. The middle one is a yellow/green color and the one on the right is just a plain purple/gray color. I am going to take a few more pics of my tank later so i will see if i can get any closer pics.