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  1. FTS

    Don't worry. He knows what hes doing:) All of that is from a well established (i think it was 3g) tank. I do think that you could use some more LR though. Just my opinion though because i like a more filled look.
  2. I got some more shells so he has moved into a nice big new shell. He was having a hard time moving in that thing but is happy and doing great.
  3. Is that the same anemone?
  4. fts

    NICE! I love the suncoral. Your tanks just gets better and better.
  5. The tang police are basically anybody on this forum that flames about any bad practices that have to do with keeping tangs. The majority of the time they are pretty rude but get the point across. As you said, they are very active and need the most amount of swimming room possible. Tangs are different from clowns or gobies that arent very active (good nano fish) and they also can get up to 8 inches(yellow tangs, others get bigger). Tangs can also become very stressed when they are in small tanks and are more prone to disease.
  6. I just want to warn you because once the tang police see this they arent going to be happy. Just a warning. I dont like to flame but you are either going to need a bigger tank soon or need to give some of those fish back to your LFS. You have a very high bioload and without a test kit you wont know whether or not your water conditions are ok. You also dont have any other forms of nutrient export so you probebly have high amount of nitrates as well. I dont want to seem mean but others will be. Tangs just need bigger tanks. They love to swim ALOT and putting one, any size, in a 10g would be cruel.
  7. This was the best picture I could get of him.
  8. Wow, nice clean setup. I like . What is that box in the top right corner?
  9. The light is a 250w aquamedic MH and my camera is a pretty old cyber shot but there a few minor photoshop touchups to make it look just a wee bit better.