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  1. let me help here foil in fact does reflect and it also refracts. depends on what side you use. the dull side reflects(ironicly) & the shiny side refracts
  2. how to attach image to post??

    I use a html editor that automaticly adds the .html when I upload anything to my server with FTP I guess I can just go to my server(host) and change the .html to .jpg on images I want to upload to posts or I might can do it from my html editor before I upload through the FTP thanxs agin
  3. how to attach image to post??

    I still cant do it......... I type with no space though on the last IMG tag but no pic
  4. how to attach image to post??

    mabey I got the url wrong I'll check and try agin
  5. how to attach image to post??

    that was www.tropicalmarineimports.com/humillis.html
  6. how to attach image to post??

    ok thanxs..so does it have to be jpg format? I'll try like
  7. how to attach image to post??

    When I click the IMG tab it prompts a http:// so I figured that I had to use my server & (url)address of the image
  8. 8/8/04 - Dosing Calcium

    I know this is untraditional but, I sent a sample of my well water off to my state lab to be tested before I decided to go RO/DI or not for top off I chose not to Hardness as CaCO3(Ca,Mg) 37mg/l Alkalinity 0 mg/l Other than that and 2-3 time weekly Pickle lime slurrys in the morning when the ph is lowest & zero water changes,nothing. Everything fairs great note:this is on my very large system that evaporates 5-7 gal per day.I have just recently set up my nano system that consists of a 10 gal with a drilled 10gal above it as a fuge and have yet to get into habit with its Calcium replacment , I was thinking of mabey 1/2 doses of B-ionic as well as mabey Aragamilk in 1/4 to 1/2 dosages. but for now same as above just less water added and once weekly kalk slurry so far so good
  9. how to attach image to post??

    I click the IMG tab type in my pic's url..but no image just a red X box. How do I attach a image?
  10. 175 watt 20k's

    here is a pic of the tank lit by just a 15 watt t8 actinic it has been fairing well with the 5k 15 watt t8 that I usally leave on in the $4 fixture & indirect sun from a northern window. I just put the actinic in when I want to look at it at the end of the day,I also run the t8 light about 15 hrs to help make up for the lack of intensity by extending the duration the actinic dont photo well but I'll get some better shots of it when I add the halide,I'll also stock it fully as of now there are some pink pom pom xenia frags from my xenia feild in another system several dif shrooms of various colors (purple,green,lime green red pink & green hairy ..etc) also some green stars,brains,lime sinularia frag, & green buttons also a royal grama things I'll add after the halide is running a few ultra maximas & electric crocea clams a lime octopus torch(for a percula clown pair) a lime hammer frag some ultra zoo frags I'll probably remove the brains might have to use a 20h or long instead ..we'll see how did you get the images above to attach? heres the pic on my server www.tropicalmarineimports.com/nano.html
  11. 175 watt 20k's

    well..just got a 20k 175 watter on ebay for $54 shipped I'll post pics after I get it rigged up..I have a 65k bulb I'll run a few hrs a day till I recieve the 20k bulb
  12. 175 watt 20k's

    Also the Sunmaster 65k is great for growth The 14k is appealing in price so Im sure that I will try them also I was mainly leaning toward the 20k for fast coloring in frags grown out in a greenhouse, Im also considering a 1000 watter that peaks out like a actinic
  13. 175 watt 20k's

    I've been considering the 14k Hamilton 1000 watter to replace the 1000 watt 20k Coralifes I use on my recently relocated propagation systems. Custom aquatics web site says the 14k would run on Hqi or standard ballasts but I've heard that the OCV(operating current voltage)is so differant that it would actualy short out on HQI's. I have both M47 1000 watters and HQI Osrams made by Tridonic but dont use the HQI's due to the cost of the 1000 watt Radium bulbs..this is why the Hamilton 14k was appealing when I saw CA's site said it would run on HQI..but I think they made a mistake Now I may start Using the new Blueline 1000 watt 20k's on m47s. Your tank looks nice with the 175 watt 14k I may try it out on this 10 gal nano ..it's all I have left in the house for a display ..I had to keep something in the house for my little girl I think she is as obsessed as me with ornamental marines thanxs
  14. 175 watt 20k's

    anyone here use a 175 watt 20k?I've been kickin a 175 watt fixture around and been thinkin of adding it over a 10g nano I have with a drilled 10g fuge above it. I'd like to see some tanks lit by these. thanxs
  15. Do fireworms eat corals?

    I have some in my large prop system so big that when I was moving some rock around one day I actualy got several bristles stuck in my finger when I inadvertantly grabbed a rock that had one coiled like a snake under it. I've seen several at least 10-12" long in this system and have never had any problems.If they are benifical or just added bioload .....I'll leave that up for debate since I see both sides of the argument as having valid points..imo all depends on your methods of husbantry