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  1. FS: IceProbe, Quiet One 3000 pumps

    IceProbe is sold. I'm still sifting through all the PM's regarding the Quiet One pumps. I have them listed here, as well as on RC, and locally, so there's a lot to go through... thanks for the patience...
  2. I have the following equipment for sale: IceProbe nano chiller, power supply, and thermostat IceProbe peltier chiller for tanks up to 10 - 20 gallons. The chiller, power supply, and thermostat controller are all sold seperately, and would cost roughly $160 + shipping when new. The unit works beautifully, but is too small for my tank. Asking $85 + $15 shipping for everything. 2 Quiet One 3000 pumps These are practically new. One was used for 2 months, and the other was used ONCE for under an hour, during a freshwater test. They are rated for 780 gph. Asking $25 + $5 shipping each. (One of the pumps is available for shipping now; the other one can be sold, but not shipped until my new sump is running.) Will also trade any of these items for a Mak4 pump. Thanks for looking!!
  3. Looking to buy a Mak4 external pump. Willing to pay up to $85, or straight trade for an IceProbe chiller, power supply, and thermostat. Also have a Quiet One 3000 pump - $25 trade credit. Thanks for looking!
  4. Nekomi's 37g Oceanic Cube

    Installed an ATO system today, since I'll be going out of town for Thanksgiving. I've actually owned the ATO since last year - but really procrastinated on getting it set up... Most of my procrastination was due to the fact that I didn't have any way of attaching the float switches to the sump. As they say, though: "Necessity is the mother of invention." An hour after freaking out (realizing my pump would run dry while I was gone), I had fashioned two perfectly functional brackets using scrap acrylic, a dremel, and a heat gun. I'll be posting a tutorial (with photos!) on how I created the acrylic brackets that hold the float switches - probably when I get home from my trip this Saturday! They were insanely easy and inexpensive to make, and I only wish I had done it sooner! Hope everyone has a fantastic Turkey Day!
  5. What is that Click

    I heard a similar clicking and also thought I had a mantis, but it turns out it was this guy - a small Xanthid crab (brown egg crab): I caught him in the act as well - he would strike his claw against the LR and produce the sharp click.
  6. Nekomi's 37g Oceanic Cube

    Time for another update... On Friday, I added my first two coral frags to the tank - a beautiful rainbow ric (blue edges, hot pink in the center, with a lime green mouth), and two purple mushroom polyps. All the frags are smaller than the size of my pinky fingernail, but the price was right. Two days later, my mushrooms disappeared, even though they had seemed content. At first I figured they had just decided to relocate, but no matter how hard I've been scouring the tank, I can't find them anywhere. Yesterday, I discovered a small Xanthid-type crab, and I wonder if he could have eaten my shrooms? I caught the little guy tonight, and found out that he's an Atergatis floridus, commonly known as Brown Egg Crab or Coral Crab. I didn't have the heart to toss him, so he's currently living in my fuge. In other news, I'm starting a basement sump project. I just can't stand the 10gal sump under the stand anymore... it's highly inefficient and has lots of issues. By building a basement sump, I could reap the following benefits: -More water volume/more stable params -Larger refugium -Room for a larger ATO reservoir in the basement -Less microbubbles (a MAJOR problem in my current display with small sump) -Quieter living room -Easier water changes (my SW reservoir is also in the basement) -Cooler temps - might even be able to sell my chiller! (Kind of a shame since I just purchased it, but what can you do... ) -More space in the stand for fish food, test kits, etc. - less clutter -Less traumatic if there's a flood (basement cement vs. upstairs carpeting ) -More working space - currently only have about an 18" x 24" area in front of the stand! I'm considering a Little Giant 4-MDQX-SC as my sump return pump, since it looks like I may be able to snag one for free if everything works out. It's rated at around 1250 max gph and can take up to 17 feet of head loss. I'm building the sump directly underneath the tank, so there's no horizontal pipe to consider, so I'm figuring roughly 10 - 12 feet of head to return to the tank. This gives me about 600 - 700 gph of flow throughout the system. How large of a sump should I be considering? I want to use an aquarium, not a stock tank, so that I can view the fuge (I was thinking of having the sump and fuge as one tank, with baffles). Space is not an issue, but price is... if I can get a deal on a large-ish tank, that would work out well. My main concerns are the flow rate through the sump. I want a tank that's large enough to a) dissipate the microbubbles before they get back to the display, and allow for the fuge to be a compartment inside the sump instead of a seperate tank. ANY suggestions, advice, personal experiences, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure I'm overlooking a lot of things, so feel free to point out any errors in judgment. I'll try to get some good macro shots of the ricordia when I get a chance. It's difficult to photograph because it's so small, but it sure is a gorgeous little coral! I can't wait until it grows larger and starts forming a colony.
  7. New 12g Nano Reef... what to do now?!

    Hi there Fishcam! Welcome to the hobby! If you don't mind, I'm just going to go through your post and give you my suggestions as a fellow, relatively new, reefer. I went through the same boat over a year and a half ago, so don't worry, in time you'll become more confident. Sounds good - but I'd replace your hydrometer with a portable refractometer as soon as your budget allows. They are a bit pricey, at around $35 - 40 (I got mine from eBay; you can also get one at Drs. Foster and Smith online store), but they are much, much more accurate and reliable when it comes to measuring salinity. What temperature do you have the heater set to? If it's the type of heater that doesn't allow you to specify a specific temp, I'd suspect that the heater may be heating things up a bit warmer than you'd like. As an experiment, you can always measure the nighttime temp when the lights are off, and see how it fluctuates. I think that most folks here will tell you to ditch all the mechanical sponge filters AND the bio-balls, and I would agree. General consensus is that in a marine tank, these items simply become nitrate and detritus traps. It would be better, in my opinion, to fill the back chambers with either macroalgae (chaetomorpha would be a good choice - do some research on this algae and its care) or live rock rubble (small chunks of live rock). These items would actually process the nitrates and remove them from your system entirely, unlike the bio-balls or sponges. BTW - the blue light is called an actinic bulb, and the white one is likely a 10,000K bulb. So when you hear people referring to "actinic supplementation" and "Kelvin rating" that's what they mean. Are you familiar with the nitrogen cycle or "cycling" your tank? If not, that would be your first homework assignment. It's a lot to take in, so make sure to take your time and read many articles on the subject. There are plenty of good articles here at Nano-Reef, or you can try www.reefcentral.com or a Google search. Cycling is extremely important, and VITAL, to the short and long-term health of your new reef. As for the salinity level, 1.025 is fine. That's what I keep my reef at, although many folks keep their salinity lower. General consensus is that anywhere from 1.022 to 1.026 is fine. I'm not too familiar with the shrimp, but two of them in your system *might* be pushing it if they are aggressive. I know that some types of shrimp can become territorial, so that may be an issue. The clownfish should be fine as long as you get a pair that doesn't fight. The anenome is another story altogether. Unfortunately, anenomes are notoriously difficult to keep, and definitely not for beginners. In addition, anenomes pack a powerful sting, and have a tendency to move around the tank, so in a small system like yours, they could end up stinging any corals you place in the tank. And lastly, anenomes require more powerful lighting than your Aquapod system is providing. Anyway, I hope that I helped! You seem to be off to a good start, by taking things slow, researching, and asking questions. And I absolutely love your tank's aquascaping! Extremely original, and I love it. Good luck with your tank~!
  8. contest

    I agree... I just found out about the contest today, and would have LOVED to enter custom... but I don't have a chance now. Too bad too, because this one might have actually been within the budget. The contests using a NC and the like were out of my price range at the time, due to the high cost of the tank itself.
  9. If you like the cube tanks, why not try an Oceanic 30 gallon cube? They come in lots of different trim colors, have sweet matching stands, and the quality of Oceanic tanks just can't be beat. I have a custom Oceanic 37 gal cube and I totally love it. I'd recommend their tanks any day.
  10. Just wanted to send a plug for my 37gal cube thread. There were a lot of people following it at one time, but when I moved, I didn't get a chance to update for months. Now the tank is up and running - been going for over a month now - and I noticed that there's no one checking out the thread anymore! So come check out my 37gal thread... pictures were just added! http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...71243&st=40
  11. I Cannot Keep Snails

    In addition to the other things that have been mentioned, have you considered the possibility of a dinoflagellete outbreak? Dinos look like stringy, "snotty" algae and often trap air bubbles. There is a toxic variety that is well-documented to kill snails and sometimes crabs as they feed on it. In the case of the dinos, I've heard that they're pretty hard to ID and even harder to treat. You might want to do a search over at ReefCentral about them, and see what you can find out. I'd send you a link, but RC appears to be down right now.
  12. Awesome and beautiful tank. I can't get over the amazing 4-sided view! Would you mind if I did a few sketches from your clownfish photograph? It's truly inspiring and I'd love to do an interpretation of my own.
  13. My tank is HOT! And I don't mean dead sexy.

    Off-topic, but... Edge, I take it you're as excited about the new Zelda release as I am. Anyway, back to the issue at hand... interestingly enough, I also use an Ebo Jager heater on my 37gal reef. It had been reaching temps of 82-83 WITHOUT the halides running (just the PCs), and I couldn't seem to bring them down, so I bit the bullet and bought a chiller. Then today, when I was messing around in the sump, I noticed that the heater was unbearably hot to the touch! I replaced it with a different heater, and so far, so good - but I wonder if my heater was also screwing up? It was set to 78 as well.
  14. my 37g.

    Don't mean to barge in, but what return pump are you using in your sump, lgoins? I also have a 37gal with 10gal sump and I'm having massive microbubble issues. I'm currently using a Quiet One 3000 as a sump return. I'm planning on switching to a much weaker return pump and picking up the slack with a new closed loop, so any suggestions on return pump would be appreciated.
  15. Nekomi's 37g Oceanic Cube

    This thread is far overdue for some pics! The system has been up and running now for exactly 1 month. Current livestock list: 6 cerith snails 6 nassarius snails 6 dwarf blue-leg hermits 3 astrea snails 2 scarlet reef hermits 1 skunk cleaner shrimp 1 Hawaiian feather duster Not to mention all the tiny colorful dusters that are popping up all over the LR, the various species of macro, the hundreds of amphipods and copepods, brittle stars, tiny snails, and the few Stomatella that hitchhiked in. I just have to give props to Serdar at http://www.phishybusiness.com for the amazing LR. It's just brimming with life of all kinds, has tons of coralline growth, and was reasonably priced. Not to mention that the staff at Phishy are amazingly helpful and good-natured folks. Anyway, on to the pics!