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  1. NuEoK IM Fusion 30L Build

    awesome young! your tank looks lonely without fishy fishy...lol
  2. Fusion 30L Whole

    hi...looking good there buddy!
  3. Tigahboy's 35g Project

    Nah bro. I just got out couple weeks ago. Its been a while since I came around here. hehe Taking a little break. Dedicating my time to my little guy. =) Hope everything is well with you.
  4. FS-48" TEK T-5 Fixture- Socal

    no legs, hanging hardware, or acrylic lens. Just fixture and bulbs.
  5. Tigahboy's 35g Project

    Awesome Tank Tigah. I see your back in the GAME. =)
  6. 48" Tek light fixture. 6x54w. includes 14 bulbs. Bulbs been used about 4-6 months. 300.00 4 x TRU 10k 2 x Giesemann Midday 4 x Giesemann Actinic+ 2 x Giesemann Aqua Blue+ 2 x ATI Blue Plus Pick up only. zip code 91744
  7. Nano-Reef.com Birthday Giveaway

  8. [CUSTOM] Tigahboy

    what happen did tigah get his finger chopped off by the mantis? haha
  9. Hey I have about 50+ pounds of live rock for sale. Large, medium , and small pieces. Fully cured and sitting in a rubbermaid trash can with heater and ph. 75.00. my zip is 91744 La Puente. pm for details. thanks -vinh
  10. Everything is SOLD except for the live rock that I have. Big thanks to everybody that came by and picked something up. I wanna personally thank genuck(sondra and her husband) for driving an hour to my house and picking up the tank. Hope you have fun setting that tank up. I know I did. =) -Vinh
  11. shrimp and goby pair hiding in reef bunker question

    Depending on how big your tank is. You may never see your goby/shrimp again. But what I do is drop some sinking pellet food around their cave entrance and see if they come out and eat.