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  1. Hi, Does the groupbuy include any mp20 to mp40w upgrade drivers?
  2. dieselab

    The Nimble is Back!

    just order a nimble super.
  3. Any one have any ideas on how to remove the adhesive cadlight uses on their tanks? I want to find the easiest way to remove the refugium glass seperator and the black background. Basically going to be using a hang in back skimmer so the refugium is not needed. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. dieselab

    FS: Cadlight 150w HQI and 2 T5's setup

    Its the one that comes with the 34g model. I am assuming thats the old model. Lights are in Northern Cal. I just need to sell it so I don't have to store it in the garage.
  5. Brand new cadlight lighting system. Comes with 150w HQI and 2 T5's 24". Never been used and comes with all mounts, etc.. Upgrading to ATI T5 fixture so must sell. $150 obo. Buyer pays for actual shipping. Item located in California.
  6. dieselab

    Elos All-in-One

    Tank looks great. I am actually looking at the same dimensions with external overflow.
  7. dieselab

    Tunze Osmolator 3155 ATO

    one of the best investments i made so far.
  8. dieselab


    I believe that "heavy set guy" name is Billy. He is actually a very good person to deal with once you know him. Maybe all it takes is talking to the person rather then assume how they are. You never know what could be going on in their mind that day. Overall all, AG does have nice stuff but they overprice on some items.
  9. dieselab

    FS: Peppermint Hog

    Looking to sell peppermint hog. I got this great offer from my local fish store and would like to know if anyone is interested in getting. $110 each. Limit 5 only. Prefer local pickup. I will ship but cannot guarantee live arrival. Email me at dieselab@hotmail.com. Thanks. Check themarinecenter.com for details on the fish.
  10. dieselab

    Helfrich Firefish

    Is it common for them to hide 1 or 2 days then come out?
  11. dieselab

    FS: NanoCube 24 and 12DX

    These are the most current ones with the moon light. You can see the prices at Drsfostersmith. The prices at PetSolutions are for the 1st gen DX and the no moonlight 24. If you can get them below MSRP, do it. The reason why I mention LV, is because the only place to sell them in LV, sells them for alot more, and only have the older models.
  12. Selling a 24g DX nanocube w/moonlight and a 12g nanocube w/moonlight. Asking price is $260 for the 24g and $170 for the 12g. Pickup or buyer pay for shipping. I will be in the Las Vegas area 4/22-4/24. Email me at dieselab@hotmail.com if you have an questions.
  13. dieselab

    FS: 24g NanoCube Hood w/lights & fan

    will sell all this $50.00.
  14. dieselab

    FS: 24g NanoCube Hood w/lights & fan

    still for sale.