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  1. Curing LR While Cycling Tank

    Who do you plan on ordering the LR from?
  2. DDB's NanoCube 12DX

    Nice tank. What type of camera are you useing? the photos look great!
  3. Just passin' by

    Healty fins!
  4. How many aquariums do you have?

    FW~ 150g 44g 10g SW~ 75g 52g 20g 10g- dorm room FUTURE~ 300g fw from glass cages, for pacu's then 150g will be SW
  5. Help Me Choose

    I agree. Go for some GSP. and some mushrooms. that is what i first started with. and the gsp can grow fast, frag it and do trades with a shop you like to go to.
  6. 14 gallon heaxgon

    Nice red shrooms
  7. air pump?

    Do you mean like an underground filter?
  8. US Aquatics web site

    Does anyone know if there is a website for US Aquatics?
  9. plaster of paris

    what is it under on the site i can't find it. i have been wanting to create my own as well NVM i found it
  10. Mushrooms splitting?

    thanks, i will try to get a pic when i can. but it may just be moving now after seeing your pic. it looks streched at the bottom then there is a smaller bulge above the feet.
  11. clownfish resting?

    Mine just stoped doing that the past week too.
  12. Mushrooms splitting?

    Does anyone have a pic of what mushrooms look like when they start to split? i cant seem to tell if one of my shrooms is starting to it almost looks like it has two feet now and it is keeping half of it folded on the other half and stays closed alot. but all of the other shrooms are fine and open. any thoughts?
  13. 2Gal DIY wet/dry?

    haha yeah i know what you mean about the cartoons. i live in teh dorm. Its my freshmen year here and at night adult swim is on everyones tv. everyone digs the nano in the dorms up here.
  14. 2Gal DIY wet/dry?

    Thanks, I just started my freshmen college year too need to bring my nano into the dorm