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  1. I was goin to get back into the hobby a few months back so i bought this light for a planned 2.5g. However, unexpected issues arose and I am unable to procure the funding for the tank. The light it about 3 months old with barely any time on the bulbs. Heres the Dr. Fosters product page with all the necessary info Visit My WebsiteI am asking $50 for the light plus shipping, Shoot me a pm for a shipping quote. Thanks Dakota
  2. 40$ shipped used lightly for 3 weeks SOLD
  3. BIG SALE! Zoanthids, Ricordia, Mushrooms, and GSP

    well, down to the last. i will sell the green and blue stars and the fire and ice for 60$ shipped
  4. BIG SALE! Zoanthids, Ricordia, Mushrooms, and GSP

    sold coral many many times with positive feedback and no problems with the livestock i dunno anything about computer parts. all i know is that my computer is really old (dell from 00) the ligthning hit something close by the moniter went off immediatly and the internals smoked untill the breaker flipped. i appreciate the offer, but i couldnt tell you whats all salvagable. thanks, LMK if you change your mind.
  5. the other day during a thunderstorm my computer got fried, so im gonna have to sell most of the livestock in my tank to help purchase a new computer. these are healthy pest-free colonies and frags. I WILL SHIP!!! 10$ priority mail Zoanthids blue- blue and green stars (60+ polyps 30$) pink- red eagle eyes (9 polyps 15$) SOLD orange- radioactive greens (10+ polyps 10$) SOLD red- gorilla nipples (30+ polyps 30$) SOLD purple- fire and ice (100+ polyps 40$) Shrooms brown- neon orange ric (pm for details) SOLD yellow- blue shroom ( one polyp 5$) SOLD Gsp large chunk (2-3 inches 10$) SOLD
  6. xXInRaGeD's 12dx Nano Cube

    haha, yea you better thank me for the mods we did. lookin good
  7. cool. Just got in some blue shrooms, and a neon orange ricordia. ill post pics later
  8. awesome, lmk how it goes. what are you gonna prop in there?
  9. now for my real indepth tank progress thread thingy. Tank- 5.5 aga Filter- converted aquaclear 70 "fuge" Water- catalina boxed water Topoff- walmart brand bottled water (mix in ph8.3) Filter Media- seagel, chaeto, live sand, and live rock Photoperiod- 6am-10am lights on, 10am-4pm lights off, 4pm-8pm lights on Additives- drop of iodine every so often, DTs phyto once a week Matinence- once every 10 days (10% water change), random (glass cleaning, eggcrate washing) Livestock Coral zoanthids fire and ice cherry bombs radioactive greens green and blue stars red eagle eyes Clavularia starburst green star polyps Corallimorpharian pastel ricordia blue mushroom (keep in mind this tank was started from an established system) Week One Week Two Week Three ^^^^ cups for ric and shroom frags
  10. cant you just take the light back?
  11. www.drfostersmith.com im not disagreeing with what your saying. sorry, i thought it was used. i would sell it tops for 27$ shipped.