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  1. CPR Overflow and Par38's!

    the pump is not included. I am using it on my ato.
  2. CPR Overflow and Par38's!

    I still have these for sale. Will have a few other items shortly. Thanks!
  3. CPR Overflow and Par38's!

    All Pm's returned... FI the Sunbrite LED is the 15w version
  4. I have a few items for sale. All prices are obo. Shipping at buyers expense. $35-CPR cs90 hang on back overflow $35-Sunbrite Par38 65k
  5. Iwaki MD20RXT FS

    Up for sale is an Iwaki external pump rated for 540 gph with a max head of 8 feet. Looking for 110 obo. Will ship at buyers expense. These things go for like 190 on BRS. http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/store/produc...nese-motor.html Feel free to make an offer. This may fit in a large flat rate box otherwise I will have to package it in something else. Let me know!
  6. I hope to get my tank to the point where most of it is automated! That is the goal with my next tank I am working on. I just need to figure out which equipment I want to buy in order to automate it better.
  7. Pismo's Pictures!

    for sure closer than SLO. We are still in Sac and Roseville on the regular, my gf family is in West Sac. Keep it up man!
  8. Pismo's Pictures!

    Hey bro, I moved back to the bay (Hayward) so neither Roseville or SLO anymore...I'll hit you up when I am ready for something for sure. Tiny's is looking sick!
  9. Pismo's Pictures!

    thats some sick artwork, don't be so hard on yourself! You've got some skills! Maybe I'll hit you up for a piece some day....
  10. Imisky's custom 30g sps tank

    where is the new tank build?
  11. Ten gallon frag tank list please

    If you don't know what you need you probably don't need a frag tank. It's pretty simple, or can be complex. Do some research.
  12. SLO's HOT5 lit 15

    well, it seems that my interest is coming back. I am starting a new build on a 50breeder. This one is going to be built right and will have dosers and good skimming so I dont get burnt out on the daily maintenance.
  13. WaWaWang's 57g Oceanic Illuminati

    pretty awesome tank! Can we get some shots of the equipment below?
  14. SLO's HOT5 lit 15

    wow, I havent been on here in a while! I did move the tank again last september and havent really changed anything other than I have gotten lazy and havent been dosing or doing water changes as much as I should. Im not as into it right now as I used to be. The summer has really been tought on the tank as well. ohwell, it will all come back once I get more interested in it.