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  1. 3 Day feeding disadvantage?

    If fish and inverts get hungry...they will eat what they can find. And i really wouldn't suggest going for "Weeks" without feeding them lol.
  2. sump to the side of tank? should i

    I would get a new skimmer. One that you can hang on the sump or in the tank. It should probably be cleaned once a month at least anyway. To me...the extra $ for the skimmer would be worth not having to deal with all that.
  3. Hermit Alternatives?

    Conchs and Cerith snails. I have a conch but he never buries himself...i have seen many that do. Cerith snails are a better bet. They burrow into the sandbed all the the time and seem to actually prefer it to grazing on the glass or rocks (which they occasionally do) But hermits seem to LOVE their shells and won't hesitate to take up a meal and a new home. But a mix of a few different species of snails and one conch should do a pretty good job.
  4. Possibility of No Cycle

    IMO a cycle is a good thing. I would say get a few more lbs of uncured LR...a 20 gallon should have about 20-30lbs anyway. But it may start anyway with roughly half of it being uncured. You may not have a huge ammonia spike but it will most likely still happen. Personally even with stable levels I wouldn't add any livestock to a tank for at least a month.
  5. WTB Gravity in a jar

    First of all, you can't get a specific color of gravity. Lets be serious here. It is completely random and changes it's color depending on the mood of the person closest by. I have a gravity factory that produces top of the line gravity at the best prices. We fill our jars only with the best gravity available and treat it with a patented process that improves its lifespan, general aesthetic appeal, and gravitational pull. We have jars full of gravity that were filled when we first opened our factory doors in 1864...and they are still full of gravity and as beautiful as ever.
  6. Is ORA really for sale?

    Definitely. If we want to be good aquarists we need to consider the impact we have on the environment. And at the rate at which the oceans are being polluted and destroyed by human activity...it is definitely a serious issue.
  7. They All Died in my Aquapod 24G

    The cycle has definitely not started yet then.
  8. They All Died in my Aquapod 24G

    Some Kent additive http://www.drsfostersmith.com/Product/Prod...=2004&Nty=1
  9. They All Died in my Aquapod 24G

    The water params seem right. But thats usually not long enough to cycle a tank. I would say 3 weeks at least, a month just to be safe. If you have never seen any ammonia, nitrite or nitrate in the tests...the cycle has likely not even started yet. Get some uncured live rock, the die off on them is what starts the cycle. Since you used cured (old) rock the die off might not be sufficient to create enough ammonia to begin the cycle. I would hold off on the dosing for now...the salt mix has everything the LR needs. Those "stability" additives etc are nice...but you really want to rely on a solid tank from the ground up...not chemicals. Also hold off on buying any other critters.
  10. How Did You Discover Nano Reef Keeping?

    I have been keeping freshwater fish since I was about 6 years old. A friend of mine had recently got into saltwater and I was reluctantly considering it too. One day i saw this cool aquarium called a Nano Cube. But my friend insisted it was too small for any type of saltwater aqurium. So i did a search online and found this site and saw all the amazing tanks that you guys have set up. So I guess it was nano-reef.com that got me into nano reef keeping.
  11. Feeding Corals By Hand

    Try target feeding cyclopeeze to the hammer. melt it in some tank water...suck it up with a turkey baster and slowly spray it into the coral. Mushrooms...they really don't need to be target fed. They will grab some small chunks of food floating by usually...but unless they are very large...they won't eat krill. Maybe mysis shrimp or Brine shrimp. The zoos and other polyps really don't need to be target fed either...they are fine just grabbing what they can when you feed the tank. Really though...nothing you have needs to be target fed...and it may already be getting enough food from normal feeding and thats why they aren't accepting more. The only thing i feed in my tank directly is my anenome...and my shrooms, zoos, hammer and candy canes have been doing fine for the past 2 years.
  12. purigen & chemi-pure togeather in nc 24?

    I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to use them both....but i really don't see the need for it. And no...it won't stop Cyno.
  13. In a 12 gallon i doubt the sixline is going to get used to him. I had a maroon and a sixline in a 30 gallon for a while..and they would hardly tolerate each other. If it's a black perc...keep him...screw the wrasse.
  14. clownfish swimming vertically

    Clownfish will always find an area of the tank, an object, or an anenome or other coral to "Host". He just chose that side wall there....it does look odd...but i wouldn't be too worried about it as long as he appears he has control of it and its not a swim bladder problem.
  15. Well i guess i asked for it...i put a Blenny in there a week ago without QTing it first. I am guessing he introduced some parasite to my tank....he was breathing rapidly...very lethargic and wouldn't eat. He was dead and stripped to bones by the hermits within the first week. Then my clown started acting the same way...i did a 5 gallon change last night, and am about to do another. After the first water change i thought he was looking a bit better...slightly more active. He has been breating very rapidly for the past day and a half, won't eat, and is very lethargic as well. I have had an airline in there trying to get more oxygen in the water. And was going to do a freshwater dip first thing today... But when i woke up i see him face down into the substrate...still moving his fins like they do when they are normally swimming...and breathing even more rapidly. From everything i have read i can only think this is a parasite...water params are fine, Coral, anenome, crabs and shrimp are all doing well. Does it sound like he is too far gone? Should i just put him out of his misery? I can't just sit here and watch him slowly die over the next 24 hours...or should i do a FW dip? Im just worried about him being in such bad shape it will kill him from the stess. Any help is greatly appreciated.