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  1. FTS

    Very cool!
  2. Very clean and very nice!
  3. Rockwork looks good, but dude...you gotta get that tang out of there, i won't flame you for it. But they need a 50+ gallon tank to be happy, or they get way too stressed and will be very easily startled, and most likely get ick. They are open-water fish, and swim miles and miles a day in the wild. Take him back to the LFS, and get a little goby or another clown. =)
  4. Awesome tank! Very clean and the inverts look amazing.
  5. watch out for the tang police =)
  6. Wow, looks great!
  7. PULL IT OUT! and get some more flow in there man!
  8. I hate those fish! one killed my baby true perc =( Replaced him with a 6 line.
  9. Just asking, do you know anything about triggers?
  10. That looks great! what kind of lighting are you using?
  11. My condy almost ate my cleaner shrimp, i helped him escape though, and since then...he has always had a curled sort antenna but he never gets stuck in the condy anymore lol
  12. Nice looking tank! i love the zoos.
  13. Australian dollars arn't much different...today they are...hmm at about $0.73 per US dollar. But hey man...order them from an American company for $20 lol
  14. Dude, in a month those fish are going to f***ing kill each other so bad man, get rid of the trigger, the damsels, and the Cardinals ASAP, not to another tank...back to the LFS...im not usually one to be like this...but thats way overboard man. 3 fish in that tank is pushing it. And take that airstone out dude..it is gonna just give you wicked salt creep and make a whole lot of crap build up on the surface/top of tank.
  15. whats the lighting set-up in that thing?