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  1. just got back from the ohio frag swap......

    I just got back also, and there was a great crowd! I got a couple zoos and 3 green star polyps, and some mushrooms. This was my first swap meet and being from the Cincy area I'm going to join the CORA group down in Cincy and will try and get a swap meet setup in the Cincy area. :)
  2. Snails + HErmit Carbs = ???

    The hermits and snails should do fine I have 6 Blue legged hermits and 3 nassarius sanils in my 10 gal and they do fine. They don't bother one another and work in union to keep the tank and live rock clean. The see through creatures are probably shrimp that came out of the live rock. It is strange that you see them with the lights on. I usally see mine right after the light comes on in the morning before they have time to scamper back into hiding. No worries in your tank that I can see. Of course I am New to this hobby as well, but I'm well read and have researched a lot.
  3. damsil died.

    I know the feeling. I lost a Domino last night. When lights went off it went into it's little cave in the live rock and this am it was dead. I think it's tank mate ( Neon Vevet damsel) did it in. They were getting along fine but yesterday the Neon started harrassing the domino. I put them in the tank together and they were both young. Up until yesterday they seemed to be doing fine. ???????????????All parameters of water are fine. Do a water change every week @ 10%.
  4. Do you wear gloves when working in your aquarium?

    I wear gloves. they are the powder free latex that you can buy very cheaply in the grocery store in the first aide section.
  5. New to Nano, and this Site

    Welcome, I am also new to the site and nano reefs. I have read alot and a freind is helping me set my tank up ( 10 gal ). He turned me onto a filter/skimmer combo called a Skilter (that's the brand name) it is realitvly inexspensive $40-50 and it does all you need. Good luck with your tank:)