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  1. My little 18 l.

    Hi everybody. I`m a spanish reefer. I'd like to show my little nano, it's running from November of 2003. This is the equipment: 27 W PLL tube (10000 ºK / actinic) from azoo. 2 eheim compact 300 pumps (300 l/h each one) A 50 W jager calefactor. Homemade skimmer driven by airstone. An these are the occupants : 2 Kg of live sand from Kenia 4 Kg of sugar size sand 5 Kg of Indonesian live rock Actinia equina Sabella sp. Caulastrea Palythoa sp. Dendronephthya sp.... And, to finish, the photos: In a few time I'm going to move it to a bigger nano of 36 l with an improved homemade skimmer, and, of course more rock and sand. Also I would like to invite you to a spanish nano-reef forum here: www.infopez.com I'd be very pleased to hear your coments. Thanks.
  2. Mini 4G

    The caulerpa is "caulerpa prolifera". About the skimmer, when I began with my nano I was not sure about the use of the skimmer in these small nanos. But a few months later, after some problems with the clearness of the surface, I decided to make use of a little skimmer. And I must say that I`m very satisfied with the effects. Now I've a bigger project (36 l) and something is sure, I'll put a homemade skimmer .