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  1. 29 gal Reef

    this tank is being torn down, turned into a refugium, all of the rock and stuff that calls this tank home is getting moved into a 55 gallon tank. I am putting one 175 watt halide in the center, 2 96 watt power quad bulbs on each end and 1 65 watt actinic for dawn dusk effect. I will post some pics up of the tanks progress shortly
  2. 29 gal Reef

    I haven't posted one in a while so here you go
  3. Alternative to R/O

    it is the kold steril one, a buddy of mine is opening up a shop of his own and that is what he going to be using for his water purifcation, I will post the results, i can see why people would doubt something like that because of how fast it can make the water but who knows maybe it works
  4. Alternative to R/O

    I recently heard about an alternative to R/O purification of water but i cannot remember the name of it. It has someting to do with cold it is a whole lot more efficient than reverse osmosis and we will probably be installing one in our shop and i would like to look up some info on it. If anyone could help I would be in your debt forever
  5. pink yuma split

    ohhh cool i have always wanted a pink yuma does 5 dollars sound ok to you? J/k if you would be interested in trading for something maybe or selling lemme know
  6. Show Us your 29g's!

    i've got a good one for you 29'ers as soon as i get home i will post em up
  7. My newest tank

    lemme know what you guys think or if you have any questions feel free to ask
  8. My newest tank

    here it is now after i think about 8 or 9 months
  9. My newest tank

    here is what i salvaged of my kenya tree after the emerald crab that i had nearly destroyed it
  10. My newest tank

    my sump with the 2 new mangrove shoots, i have had them in there about 2 weeks and 1 of them has started to develop some roots soo far
  11. My newest tank

    my electic blue hermit and you can barely see the marble sea star
  12. My newest tank

    some of my new ricordea, which I have been having some probs with, if anyone in here is a ricordea expert i need a lil help just send me a pm, I had 9 to begin with and 5 ended up surviving, they would just fall off and die a couple of days later, the same thing happened to my green rics I only have 3 of them but they have been fine now fro at least 2 months
  13. My newest tank

    brittle star and my xenia
  14. My newest tank

    my hammer after it was broken by a light leg
  15. My newest tank

    the tank and the sump