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  1. this tank is being torn down, turned into a refugium, all of the rock and stuff that calls this tank home is getting moved into a 55 gallon tank. I am putting one 175 watt halide in the center, 2 96 watt power quad bulbs on each end and 1 65 watt actinic for dawn dusk effect. I will post some pics up of the tanks progress shortly
  2. I haven't posted one in a while so here you go
  3. ohhh cool i have always wanted a pink yuma does 5 dollars sound ok to you? J/k if you would be interested in trading for something maybe or selling lemme know
  4. here is a shot of my tank after 4 months
  5. Tiger Pistol Shrimp
  6. fall time kings
  7. i can't wait till i can get my tank to look like that