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  1. Glad there are a few of us jumping back in! I can't wait to see how everyone's tanks shape up! Glad there is a community that's so welcoming and enthusiastic, I'm happy to join in the fun!
  2. That's an dope little tank! Its a similar concept for sure, I'm planning on constructing my shell out of styrofoam and doing a full encasing but after seeing this I might plant the structure too 🤔 Totally ganna lurk that thread for some inspriation! Thanks! I agree about the toadstool being a more stable centerpiece. Also thinking now maybe a nice torch or some kind of other Euphyllia, I'm a fan of flowy coral. Anyway I plan on planting the sides of the tank with mushrooms and zoas so a maxi would fit fine sitting in there I think.
  3. I actually really dig the split scape look, happy accident maybe??
  4. Well its finally happened, after five years out of the hobby I stumbled on the contest thread and got hooked by all of your sick tanks. I'm really excited to jump back into the game! Equipment Tank: 2.5 AGA Aquarium (Are Tecatas a snack? If not banana for scale/snack) Lighting: ABI Tuna Blu 12w LED Filter: Whisper PF10 Heater: Aqueon Mini 10w Livestock: ** I really want to focus on one centerpiece, thinking a maxi mini and some sexy shrimp, maybe a pretty toadstool, not really sure yet. Please give me suggestions!!***** The Plan: One of my favorite parts of going to a well designed aquarium is the attention to detail that goes into not only the inside of the aquarium, but the fully themed displays that capture the world both within the tank and around it. The goal for this little guy is to devise a Hidden Cave. A glimpse into a lost ecosystem. How: The biggest challenge for this tank is going to be creating the illusion of depth in a tank that is only 6" deep. I plan on constructing and exterior shadowbox behind the tank making a mirage of stone deeper in the "Cave" I want to put a lot of time into the exterior of the tank. The plan is to design a cave structure to surround the tanks, giving us a glipse into the tank. I'll post some of my inspiration images below so this maybe makes sense Lol Well that about wraps it up until I can actually start working on the tank. I have no clue if any of these things are going to work out but I think this is going to be a very fun little contest and I'm so stoked to finally be back in this awesome addiction.... I mean hobby...Thanks for looking everyone, I would love some suggestions or ideas on stocking and critics of my plan!
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