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  1. Haha yeah I will eventually get something bigger in there. I just didn't want to set myself up for a major overflow with a huge top off reservoir.
  2. Hey Guys - just started my first mixed reef tank, a 10 gallon Waterbox cube AIO. I'm 2 weeks in from cycling with Fiji live rock. I cycled the tank mainly just with the rock, but I did add a few food pellets every other day, and added some nitrifying bacteria a couple times about 4-6 days in. Equipment Stock pump Aqua Illumination Prime HD LED on the rigid aluminum mount Cobalt Aquatics 50W heater Tunze basic ATO inTank media basket in chamber 1 with a sponge, Chemipure Blue, and activated carbon from the stock setup (Plan to switch to Seachem Matrix soon) Tunze Comline DC 9001 Protein Skimmer in chamber 2 (Just set this up 24 hrs ago, so far it looks like its doing ok. It has already produced a ligher brown skimmate) I have an Aqua Illumination Nero 5 powerhead on the way. I just hope it's not too overpowering on the lowest setting for this tank. I was really torn on a skimmer. I originally figured water changes are very easy on a small tank, and should prove highly effective if done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Then I talked myself into skimming. We will see how the skimmer does and how often it looks like I need to do water changes once I fully stock the tank. I added my clean up crew today - 1 Emerald Crab and 1 Peppermint Shrimp. I've got a lot of algae so they'll be busy for several days. Plan to add 1 or 2 Clowns, or maybe 1 Clown and a Goby or Blenny. Still haven't decided because the more research I do, the more interested I get in other fish. Still don't know what I want to do with corals. I love zoanthids, would like an anemone, and some relatively easy LPS. I'm just going to take it as slow as I can and see what works best. Here are some pictures below, and I will try to post updates!
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