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  1. No doubt, I’ll definitely be working on a long term solution during this contest. But besides the salt creep there’s also the added heat from a laptop beneath the tank , and during these upcoming summer months that probably won’t fly. In the meantime it only takes just a minute to pop it in place...so I’ll definitely be updating here with videos regularly. And as I was entering sleep mode and starting to dream of electric sheep I had a thought. This “Old School” contest has resurrected the Nimble Nano...why not do the same with Coral Morphalogic. Some of you “Old Schoolers” might remember the fine work the lads over at CM did/do. I’ll defintely be using some of their footage looped as backgrounds.
  2. So I put a false backwall and floor in for cable management. Mounted the light and somewhat dialed it in. Cut my lid from an old picture frame glass. Set my AZOO powerhead to run on a 2on-4off-6on-6off-4on-2off schedule. I really want Laminar flow but the fixtures are just too big for this size tank. Set up the Inkbird to monitor my temps the next few days. Pretty sure I won’t need a heater, mostly will be used for cooling... but it’s there just in case. As I was in the process of cable management and deciding wether I should put a back on it (don’t really want to) I had an epiphany. This tank is the same dimensions as my old MacBook Air screen. …and with these tanks being so tiny and maneuverable, I just slide the false floor forward and wedged the MAC behind it. Found the looping Finding Nemo screensaver on YouTube and Voila! The perfect background. salt creep and moisture will not be good for the computer so it won’t be a permanent fixture unless I can figure something else out… but cool none the less. tomorrows plan is to read the manual and figure out how to use this new camera properly...cause these focus stacks are bad...pfft.
  3. I think I finally narrowed down the spot for my little adventure...and none too soon as the equipment has started arriving!
  4. My companion Alexa says I spend too much time thinking and I need a hobby. She’s been hearing a lot of people talk about pico reefs and suggested I take part. She also says I can get everything needed online...which totally works for me. Thanks for following along with me as I learn. current FTS * 2.5 ga. Finnex Tank * AZOO Mignon 150 * AZOO 180 Powerhead ( timered for sporadic flow) * Lomhie Asta 20 marine light * Inkbird ( no heater, but will control cooling fans) * Micro ATO ( arrives later this week) Starting snack shot
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