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  1. @Christopher Marks Thank you! I'll have to check it out!
  2. @Christopher Marks I'll have to go back and check em out this weekend. I was just looking for FW stuff, and I think they do more SW. I have looked at their frags no they do have some beauties! @Tigahboy if I could drop the money for both set ups at once I totally would! I plan tic get all my hardware, some premixed water and some live rock to start the cycle, so it may be a pretty penny.
  3. That's kind of what I was thinking. Start smaller, especially being in an apartment! You have the pico for your son with the volcano, correct? I was watching the updates and it looks really cool!
  4. Thank you @Christopher Marks! I'm here in Glendale! Is there a LFS you prefer? I've been to Ocean Floor, but the employee when i went was kinda meh. Couldn't answer my questions and told me assasin snails didn't exist. Lol. The store itself I should beautiful though! I suppose if your jar is easy to maintain I'll just have to go all in and try a pico! Do you have a heater on your jar? I assumed it wouldnt be necessary, but I'm usually wrong lol
  5. I guess too many is better than to little! They have better stuff online though I think most of the time anyways. The picos do just make me slightly nervouse because I know that they are much more sensitive. Being in the desert, it's the evaporation I worry most about!
  6. Oh man. So many ideas on here. I really like to go with the flow, so to speak 😉 I was thinking about picking up a 2.5 aqueon Betta tank, a HOB filter that I'll try modding and some lights I saw recommended on another's post. I live in Arizona, so I doubt I'll need a heater, at least for the summer. My FW tank hovers around 79, with no heater at 10 gallons. I was was thinking about setting it up Friday morning and then just going to my LFS and just picking some rocks that look good. I'm really into the idea of hitchhikers and getting some cool surprises! Being in a huge metropolis I actually have around six saltwater fish stores in driving distance, so too many choices haha. I'd I'd like to go piece by piece and just see where it takes me! I'm honestly more into inverts and coral than fish, so a nano tank seems like it would be the best to "dip my toes"!
  7. @WV Reefer Thank you! I was told to check out your post on my first post! Your low tech long reef is absolutely stunning!
  8. So, I'm the worst! I just realized this was a section lol. I have posted a couple times already, but this is my formal introduction. I'm Chris, in case anyone was curious! I've had freshwater tanks on and off for about 17 years. I currently have a 10 gallon filter-less planted tank. It has a Betta and a school of Albino Corys. I've always wanted a reef tank, but have constantly been warned about their upkeep. Now I have a better budget and have decided to take the plunge! I'm actually planning on starting my shopping on Friday! I'm currently debating on either grabbing an EVO kit, or possibles trying my hand in the pico reef contest. I know I'll have a late start, but having to update monthly might help me keep on track! Plus all your pico tanks are freaking amazing! Everyone I've talked to has already been super helpful and you guys are awesome. I look forward to interacting more with the community!
  9. Thanks! I'll have to check her out! My FW tank is all planted with no filter, it's been an experience setting up, but I love how "natural" it feels!
  10. I was originally thinking the 5. I already have a planted Betta tank with a school of corys, about 35 pots of plants, and am trying to build couple photobioreactors. In addition to my 65 hour work weeks lol I thought the 5 may be less work to set up, with everything else I have going on, but I've wanted a reef tank since I could read, so I know I'll have to get the 13.5. There's too many pretty corals out there not to! Plus my FW has been up almost a year in its current state, so it runs itself now. Although. I may just start with the 5 and once i get that up and going pick up a bigger tank down the line. Make sure it's a hobby I can stick to. I honestly get so so sad seeing neglected tanks. I had a Betta sorority because i saw them in their cups at Walmart and couldnt leave them. I'm down to just one girl. She was the worst off and has lasted the longest. I swear she knows too. I catch her staring at me sometimes lol.
  11. That's honestly a very good point. I suppose starting with a good base is Bette right than winging it.
  12. I was looking theough the EVO forums. They have pretty good reviews, but some people seem to have to replace every part within a couple months of buying it. I'm fine with slowly upgrading each piece, but to buy the kit and the new need 6-7 addition new parts almost immediately seems to be a bit expensive.
  13. Okay guys. I'm going to venture into my first attempt at saltwater. I've read and researched for years, but finally now am in a position where I can really afford to give it a go. My main question is where to really begin. I have an empty 10 gallon from my old freshwater set up. But it's literally just the tank now. As a total noob is it advisable to just use that tank, and attempt to modify it for a small reef? Or should I just go out and grab an EVO kit and dump the old tank? My biggest concern is in the DIY portions. I'm not incredibly handy, and have very limited tools at my disposable. Basically just a screwdriver, hammer and handsaw. I only plan on keeping live rock, inverts and some easy corals in this first tank. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew and ruin the hobby for myself. Thanks guys!
  14. Anytime! It has decent reviews on Amazon and ARC! This is my first time trying for saltwater, so it's all new to me, glad to help out any way I can!
  15. Honestly I saw it on Amazon lol But you can find it here as well: https://arcreef.com/product/coralline-algae/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwtMvlBRDmARIsAEoQ8zT2iM8i1UD-ueSYjNvu_fhr7FiFzOWqBEiulAwxPHA4yQTNZtwPMUQaAiPBEALw_wcB ARC makes their own artificial live rock. They bottle the coralline in pink or purple strains to seed their rocks. My plan is to just make my own rock and pick up a bottle. Not sure if it actually works though. If not I'll get a few pieces of rubble to seed the tank!
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