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  1. Hey Chicagoland Reefers I am selling a complete 30 gallon setup. Great for someone wanting to get into reef keeping. This is a soft coral setup and has been established for over 6 years. I am getting out of the hobby and want to sell the complete system. I will not part it out. The pictures do not give it justice, you must see it in person to appreciate it. I am asking $400 firm. Let me know if you want to come and check it out. I am in Southeast Aurora near Naperville. Equipment: 30 gallon long aquarium 36"L x 16"H x 12"D Matching pine stand and canopy (light oak stain) 2x96 Watt PC Lighting -- retrofit into canopy 2 - Aquaclear HOB Filters running for circulation and adding chemicals. CPR Bakpak protein skimmer 100 Watt Heater Livestock: 35 Lbs of mature Florida Live Rock with ridiculous coralline algea growth 1 ½" live sand bed 2 - Frogspawn corals 7 - stalks of Pulsing Xenia 15 Blue/Green Mushroom Anemones Green Star Polyps -- So many that they covered a 9" long rock and grew 15" along the back wall 1 - 4 inch Toadstool Leather coral Assorted button polyps 4 astrea snails 6 blue leg hermits 1 Ocellaris Clownfish
  2. Oldest (Account Wise) Active Nano Reefer?

    Yeeee Haaaa!!! I made the cutoff!!!!
  3. Green Star Polyps

    Thanks everyone, I will do most of the cutting in a separate container. I would like to avoid any type of "coral glue" and let them attach to small rock pieces naturally, if I tie them loosely to the rocks with fishing line, how long before they grab on?
  4. Green Star Polyps

    Hey All, I need some advice on fragging some green star polyps. I have a large rock covered in them and they have grown up on the back glass of my tank. The mat on the glass is about 6" long and 4" high. If I slice the mat away from the rock, will the mat peel off the glass easily or will I need to slide a razor blade under it to release it from the glass. Or would it be better to slice it into a grid while on the glass and remove it piece by piece? Thanks for any help.
  5. Possible Pest ID

    Exactly! Some of the pics in that link are identical. Will these become a problem or are they desirable? Thanks for the help.
  6. Possible Pest ID

    Hello All, I tried a search of my question before bugging everyone but I couldn't really find an answer. I have what looks like it could be a pest anemone of some kind. They only show themselves after the lights are out. They are mostly clear but have a pink hue in the center of the body and have a tiny white bubble on the end of the tentacles. I have a couple of small ones and one pretty large, I'd say almost 2" in dia. when fully open. I have tried to take pictures but I am no Annie Leibovitz when it comes to photography, especially in the dark, but I will keep trying. Anyone see anything like what I've described? Thanks
  7. Very small reddish maroon colored polyps

    Thanks everyone, I just wanted to make sure they weren't something that would cause trouble. Fraggle, if they keep spreading like this, I just might send some
  8. Very small reddish maroon colored polyps

    Bueller?............Bueller?.......... seriously, has anyone seen this before?
  9. Very small reddish maroon colored polyps

    I finally have pictures that may help. The first one is right when the lights come on. The second is clearer, but it is when they are open. Once open each one measures about 3/16" across. Hope they help.
  10. Hello, I have really small red colored polyps on my live rock. I say polyps, because thats what it seems like they are. When my lights come on every day, they resemble my green star polyps before they open and they look like they grow in a mat like GSP. They spread very quickly. I am trying to get a picture, but like I said they are small and the rock they have covered is in the back of my tank, so getting a decent picture has been hard. When they are open, it looks as though the rock is covered with really small feathery flowers. Sorry I don't have a pic yet, but has anyone ever heard of such a thing?
  11. Tank paint

    Thanks everyone, I live in the midwest and wasn't sure if it was possible. It's a little too cold to be spray painting in the garage right now.
  12. Tank paint

    So has anyone ever painted their tank with a brush???
  13. Tank paint

    Hello All, I have painted the back of many tanks with spray paint, but has anyone ever brush painted the back of their tank? If so, what brand did you use. Thanks
  14. How much electricity?

    Thanks for the links to the calculators. My main concern is the amount of juice my heaters will be pulling. I want to put a 120g in my unfinished basement. I can add a heating register to the general area where the tank will be. But the average temp of my basement is 62 degrees. I need to bring the temp up 16 degrees to a constant 78 degrees which I assume could be done with 2 - 300 watt heaters. So if I pay 0.07395 cents per kwh, the calculator shows $32.39 per month to heat the tank. Is that correct?
  15. How much electricity?

    Has anyone out there ever tried to calculate how much electricity their system uses per month?