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  1. So in addition to all of that, today was water change day. Sadly all the long red macro had wasted away, and with the turkey basting, they all broke up, and the loose macro and sponges went flying around. In the end, I landed up removing both pieces of live rock to be able to thoroughly remove the detritus. Additionally, I was able to retrieve my mushroom that had pulled a disappearing act on me last night. Whilst everything was exposed to air, I used the opportunity to glue the loose macro down to some anchoring rocks, and some of the other macro down to the rockwork. Peach fluffy macro is now called Lily, and purple branching macro is called Robyn The red fluffy macro, now severely pruned, shall henceforth be called Marshall Upon closer examination of the mushroom, who has been named Barney, it seems like it got really cheesed off last night and decided that its cotton prison wasn't working for it. So it decided to split. There seems to be at least one portion that's viable, but we'll have to wait and see what happens to the rest of it. Interesting enough, there seems to have been some sort of growth where the emerald green macro (new name Scoobie) touches the rock... The effect under the lights isn't amazing, but the mushroom does light up.
  2. That arch looks great! I remember the good old times of having a fishtank set up at high school in what we called the 'Pet Club' if I remember correctly. I think your students are really lucky to see this come together.
  3. They were basically all floating around in the tidal pools, and I couldn't find any of the same specimens attached to rock. There was only one type of macro actually growing attached to the rocks, and as I wasn't able to find a loose specimen, I left it alone. When I have enough money to go down for a dive, I'm sure I'll eventually see where all the macro actually comes from.
  4. Wow. Those pictures are fantastic!
  5. So yesterday was a pretty momentous day for me. I bought my first coral! Yay! Of course, I had just gone to the shop to find tubing and fertiliser, but the poor thing was sitting and glowing in the middle of the 'frag' tank. Of course, this is the shop where I promised myself that I would only ever buy dry goods because all the coral tanks are INFESTED with green hair algae, but it was a solitary mushroom that was just floating on its ownsome so I figured it was worth the risk. R50 later ($3,50), I was happily driving back home waiting for multiple contractors to come in for quotations. After all that was over, I set about getting the coral into the tank. Generously, the owner let me have a bunch of rocks I found lying on the floor, so I decided I wanted to attempt to mount the mushroom. The dip was in Polyplabs Reef Primer, and for added measure I peroxided the bottom surface of the poor thing afterwards to make sure algae hadn't tried to hitchhike along. After it had started to slime up quite generously, I manipulated it onto a rock and tied it down with cotton string, and then placed it in another little baggie to temperature acclimate. After all of that it was moved into the bowl, where I fiddled around with forceps to get it into a good position. And the it slipped and fell over the front edge and disappeared into Narnia. Joy...
  6. Although now that I look more closely it looks like another tank turned onto it's side.
  7. That is one spiffy looking stand. Nice work!! Although I do have to ask what is up with the sump? 🤔 JK, we know it's for a post-contest upgrade...
  8. That seagrass tank is gorgeous! I think you could pull off something similar to that with the current scape, which looks great. However, if you are going to have macro growing in the sand, the back left rock may get lost amongst them. But it can always be moved. Just my $0.02...
  9. Sorry to hear about the job man. I hope that a better one comes your way and soon. Personally, I would use this as an opportunity to spend more time with your family.
  10. Such amazing variety in such a tiny space.
  11. The bulb measures 40cm (16") from the lenses to the water surface, so I suspect that it's even lower than that. Things seem to have stabilised for now without the light on, so I'm going to wait until tomorrow or Thursday, when I should be able to perform a water change. Somehow I used up all my siphon tubing and forgot to buy more. I'll also see if the shops have any fertilizer type products. Offhand, I know that one of them stocks Aquaforest freshwater products. Seems like I may have to run this tank dirty to keep stuff alive. Or should I just add a big dash of reefroids and see what happens? 🤔
  12. Also, I think I need to give the macros names. I'm tired of calling them by their descriptions.
  13. So things continue to not go so great in the bowl. After Friday's bleaching, I turned the photoperiod down to 2 hours, and then when I arrived home on Saturday evening, the bleaching had progressed. So I decided to switch the lights off completely until I had a day off at home to fully assess what was happening. After Saturday, the bleaching seems to have stabilised, so I'm suspecting that the light really is the cause of it. Unfortunately all the long leaved macro is pretty much translucent at this stage, and the fine leafed red stuff is mostly pale. The purple one shows distinct areas of bleaching, and the white portions seem to be turning green now, with what I suspect to be secondary algae growth. On the plus side, there's a small shard of this bright emerald green macro that seems to have survived, which you can see in the third picture just behind the fine leafed red macro, and in the bottom left corner of the fourth. My big dilemma at this stage is deciding how to proceed forward. My heart's desire is to grow coral in this bowl, hence the purchase of the PAR38 bulb, but if it's going to nuke the macro into the next century, I'm considering taking most of it out and chucking it back into the ocean. Either that or go survival-of-the-fittest route and use the light to see what will survive in the bowl.
  14. Wow. So jealous that you have a reef pretty much at your doorstep. Great pics, and I can't wait to see your tank planted out.
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