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  1. I did check both. Ammonia is 0, pH I’m having a kinda hard time reading, the color doesn’t really match any of the options on the comparison card. If I had to guess I’d say it’s on the high end, maybe 8.4? Should I try to lower it? I was thinking of doing a water change. Also thank you for the heads up on FW dips. I’ll try to use them sparingly moving forward.
  2. Gosh I hope you’re right! He’s mostly normal, it’s just that he’s been flashing the last 24 hours.
  3. I just looked again and it’s gone!! I assume I’ve still got problems though?
  4. Yesterday night my clownfish started flashing. There was nothing visible on his skin. I gave him a freshwater dip. I just got home from work today and he’s got a big white something hanging off his face. It almost looks like some sand stuck by his mouth, but it’s definitely stuck on. Quick background on my tank, it’s new (like 2ish months) and all the fish are newish too. I added a cardinalfish a LFS. Then I added the clown who I got from divers den live aquaria. Then I added a second cardinal from a second LFS. I’ve added coral from local stores and that I’ve ordered online. I didn’t quarantine anyone (I know I know I should have). Both cardinalfish are looking and acting totally normal. I gave the clownfish a freshwater bath for 5 minutes last night. I know it was probably too little too late, but I wanted to do something. Nothing visible came off him. It’s my first tank and I didn’t quarantine because I don’t really have the space or money to set up a quarantine tank. WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?? What’s the cheapest/easiest but still ethical way for me to fix my clown? Aldo let me know if you need any additional info from me.
  5. If anyone reading this has advice regarding the pink birds nest coral (or general SPS coral advice) I would love love love to hear from you!
  6. Ordered two new corals, they’ll be arriving tomorrow! I’m a bit nervous for the Green Tip Pink Birdsnest Coral, as live aquaria rate caring for it “moderate” and I’m still a beginner. It’s my first SPS coral and I figure there’s a decent chance I may kill it, but I’m gonna try my best. Adding it on to my order from live aquaria qualified me for free shipping and so I only paid like $5 or $6 for it (plus the cost of shipping that I saved). The reason I placed the order was for the Biota Cultured Weeping Willow Toadstool Leather Coral. I’m very excited for it to arrive. The other tank update is that my clownfish starting flashing last night... I’m worried he’s got parasites, but he starting flashing right after I did a water change and changed my carbon filter... so I’m hoping he just didn’t like something in the water. I gave him a freshwater dip, probably too little too late, but it made me feel better to be doing something. I’ll post an update sometime soon. I really hope I don’t have to treat him, since I don’t have any other tank to use for a long term treatment/holding space.
  7. I took a closer look and you’re totally right! I’m relieved, I was feeling so bad for her. Its funny how attached I am to every little critter in this tank, even my micro brittle stars. I imagine in a huge tank I would loose interest in the tiny critters but in such a small tank, it’s easy for me to keep an eye on everyone!
  8. Unclear what happened here, but I think my poor scarlet hermit lost her claws. That or perhaps she molted? She’s been staring at the corner of my tank for a few days, and I just noticed a tiny set of red claws in my tank. She’s the only thing in my tank that is this color red. When I look closer, it seems like she is indeed missing her claws. Poor lady.
  9. Should my main concern be aggression issues? Or something else?
  10. Guys I want to get another clownfish (another tiny one).. Am I overstocking? I figure I am, but what’s the worst that happens? If the fish start fighting, my LFS offered to take back a few for store credit. I will keep on top of water changes. What else can go wrong? When the fish grow I’ll trade them or more likely upsize my tank.
  11. I’m so glad I started it, thanks for the suggestion!
  12. I jinxed it.. it closed back up again today. Oh well
  13. Leather coral is finally opening back up. What a cranky coral. Aside from that, all is well, the emerald crab and hermits are making good progress on the algae.
  14. Going on day three of my leather coral all closed up. I accidentally knocked it over and then grabbed the fleshy part of the coral when I was putting it back. I expected it to stay shut for awhile, but is 3 days normal? Is there anything I should do to make it happy or just ignore it?
  15. Oh lol ok then in that case, will it be big enough for my tank?
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