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External Durso Overflow Anatomy


I'll try to make some more diagrams for the other types of overflows soon.


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stoney waters



Would it be possible to replace the hole with a small gate valve? Would that make it more easily adjustible?

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Tigah - Please look into making a diagram of a Hoffer Gurgle Buster (search RC to find it)


It is a complex overflow, but I have had good exprience with it and it also has a compact size good for rescricted spaces.

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if i understood this correctly, the smaller the hole, the faster the water flows through?

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correct. the hole size is VERY important. the smaller the hole, the more likely it will form a siphon instead of a normal gravity-driven flow thru. And when it forms a siphon, that's the max gph flowing thru the bulkhead/overflow (but it will be noisy and not as consistant as gravity-driven).

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stoney - I have never tried the gate valve idea, but I think it would be a bit excessive for the task at hand. But lmk if u try it and it works.

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