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Luckiest fish ever


This little guy went through the overflow on my 55 growout tank, through the pipes, to the sump, avoided the pump for the skimmer, through the trap for bubbles. Now comes the good part... He got sucked into a MAG 24 pump, through the PVC missing the turn off to go back into the growout tank and makes it all the way upstairs to the 65 whithout a scratch.


I was reading a book to my sons before the went to bed and I saw something hanging out in the xenia and it was him. I was quite suprised.


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that's incredible - at least now it's gotta be super-happy in that much xenia

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I've been looking for a coral for my clown to host and I have that exact same Xenia. How did you get it to grow on the window like that?

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