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proud parent of a new frogspawn??


Looks like my frogspawn might have a new child. Found this one chillin in the back corner of my tank this morning.


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if it got cut off wouldnt it be deflated? and not functioning on its own. This one moves and is inflated. My frogspawn doesnt have any arms with pieces this small either, and that was what i thought at first, i've checked all over the big frogspawn and dont see where it would have been "cut" off

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I have had a lot of frogspawn tentacles float out across my tank... None have turned into new frogspawn, though. I know that many LPS will reproduce by budding off, but I don't think that's what this is... Typically they spread by forming new heads next to existing ones... If you do end up w/ a new colony, though, that will be sweet. :)

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well it's got more than enough flow, so i dont believe that would be an issue, it's also not a constant flow, it's always changing flow patterns so i know its not getting blasted to death either. I dont see anywhere on the existing one that has a bud, or tentacle missing. Either way I will keep my eyes on it and see what happens from there.

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