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1st saltwater tank!

30 gal hex

3 months

Ac 70 w/ sponge, floss, purigen,bio max

2 hydor koralia nano 250 gph

1 jebao sw 4 

25-30 lbs live rock

10 lbs live argonite


2 clown fish

1 banggai cardinal

1 royal gamma

1 scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp

1 emerald crab

6 blue hermits

6 trochus snails

8 cerinths


10% weekly wc

Nitrites 0

Ammonia 0

Nitrates <5

Ph 8.1-8.4


Will be adding lps 



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Nice tank. I LOVED my 30 octo’s. 25 years ago you could find them for $15-20 at yard sales here in Florida. Easy to ‘scape and great swirl flow, plus they were viewable from any angle. Harder to find now as I think they’ve kinda fallen out of favor. I always had the seller leak test them before I bought ‘em. Back then, you could set up a fowlr for less than $125, lights, filter, LR and all!

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This one is probably 25 years old. It was the gf's when she was kid. Flow was a challenge I found a 3 lower gph wavemakers were better than 2 that equal same gph. Happy with scape although might add more rock underneath just to raise up what's there. Added my first lps  coral yesterday. 6head Acan lord.

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