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Purple Montipora Psammocora - Maritza The Vase Reef 2016

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Peace To All.


Here's a pic just shot of Corals in Maritza The Vase Reef.

-True Purple Montipora Digitata

-Branching Green Psammocora

-Pachyseris Green Unchained

-Neon Green Eagle Eyes Zoanthid

-Nuclear Radioactive Zoanthid

-Red Dragon's Breath Alga


The Psammocora is 4" x 3" x 4.5 tall.

She's stuck onto the lower part of the glass.


Thanks for having a look.

Any questions and or comments, please post.


Blessings All.

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Photo Information for Purple Montipora Psammocora - Maritza The Vase Reef 2016

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I love the purple digi, I bought what seems to be a blue digi but depending on light areas of less and more intense very from blue to some what purpleand it grows decently fast for me.

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Deleted User 9


The psammocora blends beautifully there

Peace All.


Thanks so much for having a look and comments.

They're side by side but the Montipora Digitata Purple will destroy the Psamoocora. She can get aggressive at times. so far, everything is fine. Have my eye on both daily.


Blessings All.

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