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Mr. Microscope


If you only have two chambers, I'd skip the fuge and put the skimmer in the first one. A skimmer should have a constant water height in order to function properly. Unless you're planninng to install an ATO, the water level in your second chamber will not be consistent due to evaporation.

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+1 to Mr. M. It's tough to design a sump... How big of a skimmer will you have? If it's an HOB style you could get away with things as you have them. The only addition I think would be beneficial would be to add a bubble trap of sorts instead of just the single baffle.

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Did you post a thread? Put one up and then you can get some ideas. Unfortunately unless you copy a design or buy one designing a sump can be quite an involved process depending on what you want to do.


It's also something that can go horribly wrong if not enough thought goes into it.

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