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Mystery Solved!


Sabellariid, Lygdamis spp.



Can anyone ID this thing for me?


Each tentacle is a little less than a cm in length, and the entire creature lives inside of that sand-tube. It will retract on contact.


I've never seen anything like this before and haven't been able to ID him. He's been in my tank for about a year and hasn't spread, this is just the first time I've been able to photograph him. He was originally attached to the rock base of one of my SPS, but he moved after I buried him in the sand.

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Thats really cool looking! Don't know what it is at all. You should try Bob Fenner!

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Mystery is has been solved. Thanks to WWM, this little guy has been identified as a Sabellariid (family Sabellariidae) in the genus Lygdamis.

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that ID still didnt get me any closer to knowing what it is! had to do a google search and apparently its a type of worm! I think your shot is much better than the ones on google images, good job!

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