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20gal long nano reef

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live stock :


1 x algae blenny


1 x yellow clown goby


2 x ocellaris clownfish


1 x royal gramma


1x red thorny sea stars


1x pepermint shrimp


1 x emerald crab


15 x blueleg hermit crab


3x scarlet reef hermit crab


3 x astraea conehead snail


2 x super tongan nassarius snail


3x cerith snail


1x fighting conch



others :


pods, micro britlle stars, Asterinas, 2 or 3 white bristle worms, once found peanut worm but I think pepermint eat it.






1x Pavona Coral


1 colony of Colony Polyp, Orange/Green


1x Giant Green Polyp Duncan


1x watermelon ,2x blue, 1x red mushrooms


1x brown Seriatopora hystrix


1x toadstool coral



magnum 250 HOB filter


Prizm HOB protein skimmer


Green Killing Machine 9W UV sterilizer


live rock - 30 pounds ( had 16 before but 2 days ago upgraded to 30)


background - painted blue




4 x 24W T5 (96W total)


2x ati blue plus

1x ati purple special

1x ati aquablue special


its 2 months old setup ( i have reef from 4-5 months but before had 16gal bowfront upgraded form freshwater tank - and didn't like it as reef so decided to upgrade to 20 long and I love it !!!!


I have so many questions..... I hope it will be good start to share information about my setup since I'm new to reef tanks and this awesome forum


Hello to everyone.

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I forgot about flow: 2x Aqueon 500gph, magnum gives 250gph and skimmer would say 50gph and UV sterilizer about the same 50gph - my total is approx 1350gph

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