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FTS Feb 2012 - Next month is 6 years running!

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I am so lazy/busy lately that i dont have the time/energy to upload an actual camera FTS... so here is an update from my phone camera.

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thanks everyone! I don't know why it's purple...I only top off with Kalkwasser and do monthly 30% water changes with Tropic Marin Pro Reef.


The plate is actually very timid and has never stung anything. The only coral i have a problem with stinging is the GSP.


For lighting, i have 12 CREE 3W LEDs (6 white 6 blue).

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Awesome! Who said Nano tanks are not stable? 6 years wow, surprised you didn't have the itch to upgrade after no more room left. Well done. How come you have both black and white sand?

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