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Cleaner Shrimp

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Canon 40D w/ Zeiss 100mm f2 Makro

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Nice shot. Very nice equipment. Have you had a chance to compare that lens with a 100mm 2.8? I hear the 1:2 magnification is worth it in image quality.

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I have, my brother owns both. No doubt if you can stand to manual focus the Zeiss is clearly superior. That whole set is a "go-to" as far as im concerned...as long as you can afford it. The 1:2 vs 1:1 does not bother me, but I dont do a ton of Macro photography.


He does not have the 2/50 Makro Planar, instead he has the 50 1.4. Its a great lens, but I have heard amazing things about the 50MP.


Since this shot I have upgraded to the 5DmkII, it makes all my lenses more fun, with the exception of my 10-20 which no longer fits since its EFS mount. After shooting the 5DmkII setup with the Zeiss primes, I have convinced myself I need one zoom for a walk-around lens, but every other lens in my collection will be a prime.

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