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My first nano/SW


I bought the 12g deluxe Nano Cube (what a event that was, but thats not for this thread).


This is the tank after the first day. I used live water, sand and rock. Any ideas how long before I can add life to it? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


*I want to add more rock then corals and other livestock.

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I suggest reading some material on saltwater fishes b4 u add any life and u must have a water test kit to test the water for amonia, nitrite, nitrate and ph

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hey whats up man? Great job getting the live rock, sand ,and water smart move .... the best thing u can do for yourself and your tank is to have wait and relax dont rush into things to fast REad READ and READ .... learn about your tank .....also Get ur water tested 1 aweek untill your tank is ready ... the only life i would put in the tank after two weeks (if ur tank is ready) i would put some hardy fish .....Damsels thats it .... good luck write back

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yeah I've been reading for a long time (off and on over the past few yrs) I was told that I would be ready for live stock by the end of the first week as long as my water chemistry was ok... I'm not sure about that but who knows.


I'd like to add some more rock, and then put some corals, and fish in there. Whats my limit... I know the rule is a 1.5" fish/gal blah blah blah but what about coral??....


Also, I have some white sand that I'd like to add for looks on top of the live sand... if I do that will that throw off my cycling??

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if your water is okay ....i think some bule damsels would be a good start hopefully they are hardy enough to live ........ see how they work out and then you can go from there

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it takes much more than a week to complete the water cycle, give it another 3 more weeks and see what happens, but in the mean time u can get a yellow tail damsel or a snow flake eel , this guys can be very hardy

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my tank is 8 days old and i just put two yellow tails in ....they are doing fine so far... the eel is another good idea if u had the room for him and also want to buy some live food....do what you want but u cant go wrong with the damsels

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