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my new baby......if anybody has any questions please ask...and if theres any info u can give me please dont be shy. thank u SaltyH20

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Hi saltyh20, I have a few questions about your tank here,now is this

actually a 12gal tank?,if so then its ok,because I was thinking of doing

a 10gal. aquarium,and maybe trying a couple of damsels or clown

anemones in it,as I am new to saltwater aquariums,and from what I've

heard it can be done,but not sure,and I just didn't want to start out

big,like some do,like 30's or 50 gal. aquariums,only to have the fish die

a week later,,so any advice you can give me is appreciated,thanks.

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Hey LiquidMiKe ..... i would be more then happy to help you with your questions the best i can. my tank is actually 16 Gallon's its made by All-Glass aquariums.....all though im in the process of getting another tank (Nano-Cube 12 Gallon) for my computer desk .... once u start u cant stop ... saltwater is addicting as long as ur wallet can keep up. lol im serious.....a 10 gallon would be fine ... as long as u have the right lights..putting a tank together is rather easy as long as u know what your doing ...if i suggest another size for u??? it would be the 12 Nano-cube ...that jbj lighting puts togeather .. its got everything u need to get started except 12lbs of live rock and some live sand.....plus salt..... u can find it at DOCTOR SMITH AND FOSTERS. com for like $119.99 thats an awesome deal! just shop around or go to your local aqaurium dealer and get some0ther adivce. the more u learn the better you are .... so good luck and happy learning

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