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Newly Setup


12 Gal Eclipse Nano w/stock lighting and filtration

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The large center piece is not. It was some dried coral I had around the house but I liked all the caves and such it has. The rest is all liverock.

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Welcome to the Eclipse 12 club! It makes a fantastic reef tank, I had to do some modifications to my tank to get it to the "reef" level. You may have to add better lighting (if you already haven't) and I also ditched the stock filtering system. (I use a aquaclear 200)


It looks like your off to a good start.


Good Luck with your tank.

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I actually just got a 200 today! I can't wait to rip out the stock filter. It blocks too much light on the backside of the tank. I really like the tank itself. Of course, I haven't scratched it yet!

My next venture is the lighting. I'm debating on either the 96 watt coralife hood, or the retrofit kit. Either one of those, or a 72 watt fixture that is similar from Fosters and Smith.

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