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All Your Pellets Are Belong to ME!

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I wish I had a macro lense, but the cleaner shrimp is always a pig.

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All those people who use the word "shrimp" fro something wimpy don't know shrimp like we know shrimp!

Cool shot and caption

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That is the spot where the pellets swirl after feeding. The snails like to sit there and wait while the shrimp "assumes the position" anytime I come to the tank.


I wish I could get a closer shot to see that he already has 5 or 6 pellets already in his stomach. :)


He'll spend the next couple of hours digesting and picking out the leftovers.


He molts about once every 2-3 weeks. They are such fun creatures, and add so much to a display.

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I missed it the first time, but check out the nassarius snail trunk sticking out the sand, and it looks like another one is coming out the sand, and I cant tell if that's a snail or hermit behind the shrimp. I smell food!!

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