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What Color Should I Paint This Thing!?

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My wife says as soon as I paint and carpet I can switch the 29 gallon tank over from fresh to salt.

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They're all on the wall StevieT and I've added two more (egad).


BTW I grew up in Joliet/Plano, went to Lewis U. and my folks are in Plano, maybe I can come visit sometime when I get home.

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Thats cool, I am actually moving out of here in a month, my office was closed. :( So if you get here before that, drop on in and see the tank.


The only reason I say that is that it may create a texture you can see from the final coat. Make sure you primar the wall with a few coats first, you prob. will anyway since it is red to start with. I used to own a painting company and the rule was never to give color advice, so I'm going to stick with that ;)

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I'd like to see some more samples.


We just went through this in my house - except my wife did it to 5 different walls so she could see how it looked in the hallway and in the direct light and in the room with less light and... and.. and...


I swear I thought I was going to have a house completely painted in sample colors.

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We ended up painting a Sherwin Williams color called Palm Leaf and trimmed out in Extra White. Need new furniture now, then I get my tank and I'll post the new pic of the place



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