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Biocube 14

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My Biocube 14 at 16 Days Old!

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FYI....I have recieved a lot of negative comments regarding how clean my Bio is. I am very diligent with upkeep on my tanks. This is a picture of my 5 year old, 65 Gal Saltwater Tank, as you can see (with the exception of my recent experiment with Purple Up) it is as clean as my Bio. Not only do I stay on top of things, I make sure I always have the proper CUC to assist in keeping everything in check. I plan to add more live rock so I only have live rock in there. I have never had a crash in this tank, I do a 15 Gallon water every 2 -3 weeks and my readings are always perfect. I am also waiting on new lighting and will start adding coral to this system and it will be the home for the RBTA. (another area of negative comments).



I'm not sure if the picture will show up here or not so, if not here is my thread where you can see my other tank.







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pcsmarts, you have a goniopora in a tank that's 2 weeks old, you've added not one but TWO bleached anemones to a stock BC 14 and you are a novice reefer -- your FOWLR tank does not count. there is nothing you can say to make your decisions appear rational -- YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.

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I had a purple Heteractis magnifica anemone in my fowlr tank under compact flouresencts which lived there happy and healthy for over three years. These guys looked like they needed some TLC at a LFS and I bought them. I have done my homework and am determined to give them all the TLC and perfect parameter's (my daily testing results verify this in BOTH tanks) they need to get them healthy. They both are eating regularly and doing better than when I brought them home. My MH lighting will be here the day after tomorrow and at that point the nems along with possibly the goniopora will be moved into the 65 gallon. This bio was started with live sand, live rock and water from an established tank. If the water parameters in the bio have been consistantly perfect since day 2 (it is now 3 1/5 weeks old) and all my corals are growing steadily, which you all can see for yourselves just by comparing them in the first pics and lastest pics, how can you be so sure that I'm not doing something right? Maybe, there is more than one way to do a reef and be successful. IMHO Thanks I do take all comments into consideration.

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uhm i put anemones in my 2hr old tank and now they are healthy and splitting. if you know what your doing then everything will be ok. Please dont bash him cause your jealous :P

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