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First Scuba Purchase


Tusa XpertZoom Split-Fins, DeepSea Boots, AquaLung Impulse 3 Snorkel, and AquaLung Teknika Mask


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Tusa is supposed to be the best. I dive all the time with a lot of people who don't always have gear so I use the cheap fins, but have been thinking about upgrading personally. Tell me what you think about them. I love the older school us diver pair I have, had them for years, I never let anyone wear them for fear of losing them. But I have been getting lazy, and was thinking of getting something faster to break rip currents with. One of the spots I dive has a really strong current I have to beat at time to get to the spot I want, and it would be nice to have some easier days. Let me know if they are more finesse fins, or power fins. That is how my octogenarian friend describes the difference between the two. :) That guy is a trip, people think he needs help crossing the street by the way he looks, but he can swim for miles. Amazing.


Where you heading? If it is Florida make sure to pm me if this is a first trip, I can give you the local tips that are sometimes better than the brochure tips you are likely to find. (Or at least a little more honest :) )

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I actually go this weekend to start my training and will finish my certification in the spring. About the split in the Tusa fins I was told by the owner of the shop Sea to Sea that the split fins do not propel you faster but do provide an easier and relaxing dive experience. So I guess I'll have to wait and see if that's true or not. I'm actually considering moving to Tampa, Fl this fall so I'll have plenty of places to dive. I'm pretty excited to put on the scuba gear for the first time and jump in!

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aaah its awesome :]

i gotta go again before my license expires =/

gotta go within 2 months..

but california water is colldd =/

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you will wanna go with a nice stiff fin the first time you get caught it some current...

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im currently diving


mk25/s600 regulators

knighthawk BC for personal diving I teach in a Aqua Lung Pro QD....

Mares X-Vision and Cressi Big Eyes.....for my eye balls...

Aqua Lung Blade 2's for my feet great fin..wife dives the bio-fin split's she loves them...I have been teaching for about 8 years diving for 16+ not vaca diving either....6 days week...maybe 4 dives a day...kinda diving... so if you have any questions feel free to ask...

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