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20 Gallon Nano Center View

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Skimmer-less 20 Gallon Long Fueled by 3 Hours Direct Sunlight

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Dont you have any problems with your finger leather? They releases toxins when they get stressed that kills everything and causes the whole tank cloudy.

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True. I run over 800 G.P.H and skimmer-less,I use Sea Chem Purigen, De-nitrate, Sea Gel, Powered by a Cascade 1000, Millenium 2000,Whisper 20, 2 Nano Powerheads. I use a Diatom Filter once a week minus the powder but replaced with a bag of Sea Chem Seagel for 4 hours i change the canister water once every other week. Plus 3 hours of direct sunlight.

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