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This feed to a 180g gallon tank. Also see the plumbing diagram for how it all goes together.


(not mine. I can only dream)

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sweet equipment! wish my basement wasn't finished i would have fully loaded it.

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this may be a random question but is your house made of strucal insulated panels (SIP)

i did a report on energy efficient homes so i was just wondering because the floor boards and beam look like it.

lol that was random oh well

ya i second a display tank picture.

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OMG it looks insanely technical!!!!

yes...but where does it all go to?

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Yeah, what exactly do you have setup there? Nice pic of Probert, Go Wings!

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Yeah and if I recall right the Sabres didn't even make it to the playoffs. In hockey almost everyone makes it! I like the Sabres when they had Hasek. Then he realized he couldn't win there and went to a winning team, the Wings!

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You support a team that throws innocent octopi on the ice?


Yeah when Hasek was in Buffalo they were in game 6 when a certain someone from the Dallas team "clenched" the cup with their foot in the crease.

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red wings win cup: 10 times

how many for sabres?


they really don't throw them as much as they used to, it was because there was a fish market near the Jo and it took 8 wins or whatever to win the cup.

I don't support the fact that they have to kill more octopi when each person buys it just to be thrown on the ice, that's why I don't do it at a game. but it's not like thousands of them fly onto the ice, only a few at playoffs each year.


and everyone is gunna be partial to their home teams!

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Zero Cups, true. Painfully, painfully close. Two conference finals in two consecutive years and don't even get me started on the 99' finals. I actually do have respect for the 'Wings organization (Pens too). Can't say the same for Philthadelphia or the Rangers.


Oh, by the way, sweet basement. I was thinking you have some strange looking floor joists there. What's going on with that?

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The octopi are already dead before they hit the ice. Apparently some wierd people eat them! When Hasek was in Buffalo he was Buffalo. The had a good team last year but stunk this year. Ryan Smith is promissing and from MSU! The Pens are my 2nd favorite team, they are such a sexciting team to watch. I've been a wings fan all my life.

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LOL I cannot do that type of setup as my bedroom is in the basement. Got to love basement apartments - NOT


Great setup by the way, can we see the actual tank now?

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Banana Slugs lost fair and square. The rule had been changed before the cup finals and the play was legal.


In there is a 55g fuge, carbon reactor, Phosban reactor, skimmer, Ca reactor, 100g sump, 150g stock tank, 55g ATO, 55g Saltwater storage, and a frag tank somewhere in there.


It also is tied directly into the house's drain line for waterchanges without getting wet.

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