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Coral Vue Hydros

20g. What do you think.


This is day one with my Live rock. What do you think of the scaping? Miaki, Figi, Tonga and Bali rock.

20Gal, 33lb live rock. Remora skimmer. 2 powerheads.

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Actually very nice scaping. It looks like the rocks are kind of close to the glass and that can create a bit of a headache. When it's time to scrape the glass, it's going to be kind of tight there. But it looks very nice.

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I like the rockwork. I have cascading reef, with rocks on both sides of the glass...so if you dont mind just having a front view..it should be fine. Gives it a more natural look.

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It's definitely very nice aquascaping. It looks like you'll have a lot of great areas for coral placement. You have one of the better scapes I've seen!

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Thats for the input. Yes, some of the rock is quite close to the glass, even resting is some places. Its not going to be very fun cleaning, but some of the shapes are very strange and need to be supported.


My lighting is 4 24" VHO's. Im not sure why my camera picks up so much blue. Really its very very white and highlights the color of the rock beautifully.


Again, thanks for the feedback. I will post as my tank progresses.

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