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Full Tank Shot


Not much changed from last photo, but heres the specs with a couple additions anyways.


Aquapod 24gal w/150w 14k Phoenix Sunpod

35lbs Live Rock

20lbs Black Tahitian Moon Sand




Black A. Ocellaris

Banggai Cardinal

Randalls Goby



Female Emerald Crab

6 Astrea Snails

5 Nassarius Snails

10 hermits (scarlet & blue leg)




2 kinds of Green Star Polyps

Branching Frogspawn

Branching Hammer

Pink Pom-Pom Pulsing Xena

Lavender mushroom

Misc. Common mushrooms

Kenya Tree

Trumpet (green & brown/green)

Clover coral?

Tyree Blue chalice

Purple w/yellow skirt zoas


Recommended Comments

Does the sand affect the lights??? Thinking of using balck sand for my next tank but dont want the light to suffer???

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