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Updated picture

Galloping Goose

Got new tenants residing in my 12" ADA cube.

-Bali Star


-Blood Shrimp (cant see, its hiding behind rocks)


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Galloping Goose


Thanx Special_K and PurpleUP

I use ceramic rings in my canister filter, but the rings are the expensive kind that are very pourus...not the ones that came with the filter. Other than that the only other thing the canister filter contains is carbon that I change out about once a month. The chemicals I use are as goes: Kent Marine TechCB part A and B for my calcium and alkalinity about once a week. Than I use Kent Marine Iodine 1 drop every couple of days. Than I also dose 1ml of Kent Marine Strontium & Molybdenum once a week. And I feed my corals with Sera Coraliquid Food. This seems to be doing well for my inhabitants and all are thriving. Thanx.

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Awesome tank! Hey, where are the great LFS's in the Denver area? Just moved to Boulder and I need to find a good spot to blow my cash!

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maxima does well under PC? may be i should try too ... great tank buddy ... a lot of hard work and creativity =)

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