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BC14 ATO Setup FTS. Can't live without it!


My auto top-off setup after 6wks. Too bad it looks like a high school science project! I'm currently running a 150 watt Coralife Advanced Series Hang on Tank Mount w/ 20,000K, Maxi-Jet 1200, Rio Mini 90, ATO controller, and a $10 Honeywell Fan, and a half dozen light timers!

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Thanks. $310 at the LFS, but I believe you can find it for less than $240 online.

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Looks good, but no lunars? A lot of nicer fixtures are still missing these. Se you have the Coralife directional LED though. Light looks good. Blends well with the tank. Nice aquascaping. I'd ditch that Ammonia Alert. Ther're expensive and only roughly accurate. By the time you noticed a difference your inverst would probably be dead IMO. They wear out fairly fast. Mardel has an ammonia and a ph now, thought I might give those a try. They come with extra color tabs (three months) and you replace them every 30 days.

Add some closeups of your tank to this thread. What's it stocked with?

PS. How well does that ATO work, I was thinking about getting one off Big Al's.

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You're right about no lunars. I'd actually like to run actinics at the same time. The 20k bulb is bluer, but still not my kinda blue. Thanks for the advice on the ammonia alert. I suppose if I return home and see that all of the inverts are dead, I will at least know why and then go into three days of mourning. It is an eye sore though.


I've been running the ATO for only 2 days now. Honestly, it took me a while to configure. The tank sensor is now located directly above the pump in the rear left sump area, where the tank's water level gauge is. Since there is not much water in that area to begin with, the ATO tops off with very little water, very quickly, TWICE per day - so salinity is easily maintained. At first, I had the water tube submerged in the tank which created a back and forth siphon every time the ATO would turn on. Then I finally read the instructions and it clearly alerted not to submerge the tube. I'll try to post some closeups sometime next week, and I still need to complile a list of what I have in there. I stocked it so fast that I didn't take the time to take notes!

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