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My 20G Long


I had SW Fish only before but I've decided to give it a try with a reef tank which is now 2 month old.


I've recently upgraded to 20G Long from 10G and I don't have much in it.


It's still going through its cycle, I think.

What's in it:

1 - clown

2 - damsels

1 - scooter blenny

3 - hermit cleaners


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looks good except for the scooter blenny in a 2 month old tank(IMO), may want to hold off on that till you get more copapods. nice tank tho!

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It's getting plump feeding on frozen brineshrimps and on some occasion, live ones. I'm trying to locate places where I can get some live copapods. Strangely, my live rocks I've got didn't have any hitch-hikers or pods :(


It goes around nibling on the live-rocks so I presume that it must also be feeding on something other than copapods.

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