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Orange Leg Hermit Crab


Random Picture of my Orange Leg Hermit Crab.


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My best ID is currently from here and it's listed as Pylopaguropsis speciosa. I translated it to English with Babelfish and this is what it says (remember it's translated so it reads a little strange).


So far also peacefully to all co-inhabitants, and far not as agressiv as my Calcinus seurati.

Algae seem to eat it also with me none, search the sand after fodder remainders.

In the 6 months, since I has it, hardly grew.


Which is pretty much what I've seen, It's peaceful, just sits on it's little rock normally. When I feed it will sometimes come out and get some of what has accumulated around the edge of the glass. It seldom wanders to the other side of the tank but will on occasion.


He's actually really funny with the Nassarius snails, if one comes at him he just sticks out his big claw like a football player giving a straight arm and pushes them out of the way. It then goes back to whatever it was doing.


So in short, he seems reef safe so far.

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