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Cultivated Reef

Rare Florida Damsel


This is the Rare Florida Damsel. I took this photo one day in Orlando, FL. There are few photos out there that truly capture the beauty of this magnificant animal.


It's scientific name is Humongiforous Whitenblackfisheris

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good luck taking all the rock out too catch that sucker :)


I wonder if one of those would be compatible with my clown goby in my 6 gal

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i had one of those a few days ago, i had 10 pounds o' fish last week and i was fresh out, then he decided to beach :(

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Those require space like a Tang, correct? You think I could get away with one in my 55? What if I have a friend with a 90 gallon who could take him once he grew up?

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I've heard of people actually being able to get them as youngsters and keep them in a 10g aga. I guess they're so big at that age, that only their headfits in there. You just put some airline tubing down it's blowhole, put a canopy on there, and enjoy your Humongiforous Whitenblackfisheris in the home. I've never attempted it, though.

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it is sad til you think about how much awareness these animals generate about whales. Shamu is a species ambassador! :)

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