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My Xenia


It's just starting to spread and split.


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hey very nice! i got some a couple weeks ago, they dont seem to be doin all that well, they dont fully extend..i had very high Alk at the time and didnt know it..i wonder if thats why?

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Yeah, mine were kind of stressed too, but the alk could have a lot to do with that. Mine just started pulsing like 3 days ago. Be sure to add iodine. Thanks for the comments. What is anthelia?



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That's not anthelia. That is Xenia. That looks VERY MUCH like pulsing xenia (Xenia elongata) I have a veritable FOREST of the stuff.


I found that first, if your SG is low, they will not pulse, they pulse the MOST at 1.025/26 ! Plus you MUST suppliment iodine to get them to do really well.

Also, give them LOTS of room to expand, and decent current, just not too much.



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