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Eunice Captured!

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This eunice worm, stretching to approximately 15-18 inches, lived in my tank for over a year. When I recently moved, I was able to find the rock in which this monster lived, and I finally got it out! What a triumph!

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It is nocturnal, so it hides during the day. When they grow long enough, they never come completely out of their "home". This helps them to pull back (in the blink of an eye) when they notice danger. I could never be really clear on the entirety of their diet. They apparently eat soft corals - especially zoanthids. Supposedly, they eat other smaller worms and other inverts. My mini starfish population has been decimated since this has been in my tank.

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Have a look at www.oregonreef.com and click on "worm incident". that thing was somewhere around 7 feet long. Imagine all of the cool stuff that thing must've destroyed during its journey to giantism! I think that Ron Shimek said that they can reach about ten feet in length. (Edit: wow, crazy spelling errors. How embarrassing!)

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thats so kool! some guy brought one to our local lfs 3 days ago. it was 3 freeken feet!

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