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bio-cube 29g


front side of aquarium.....oceanic bio-cube 29 gallons

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Now that anchor is something- I am not sure if I should hate it or praise it as an interesting addition. I hope that it isn't real metal though? The rust would be instant death to anything in the tank.

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Well that’s a simplistic view sorta. Just like drinking its good to keep your soluble and insoluble ionic metal compounds in moderation. Whether or not ferrous oxide is toxic I don’t know but I’m willing to bet that high levels of it free in the water column wouldn’t be good. There will also be free iron in the water as well and while that’s a natural trace element and probably a fishy electrolyte as well, high levels of that could kill also. It could certainly kill a human in the right quantity. This all assumes of course that the anchor is iron (which would be the stupidest thing to make an anchor out of). Plus Ferric oxide is only one product amoung many. Think of all the ions in the water. Instant Ocean salt mix boasts some 62 trace elements. It's been awhile since i had general chem, I cant just recall the reaction series but that leave ALOT of possible redox reactions.

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its a fish safe anchor bought at the local fish store.....i wanted something different...thats all ...personal taste......

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