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My 5 gallon setup


This is my 5 gallon AGA mini-bow nano reef from a top view angle. To the left of the tank is a temperature controlled air fan to cool the tank off when it gets too hot in my room.


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The skimmer I use is the Nano Remora which is built for tanks that are 5-25 gallons. I don't really think it's overkill. I am a firm believer that if the technology is available, then there shouldn't be any reason it can't be considered an option. It pulls out a cup full of brown crap almost every 2 weeks. Combined with my weekly water changes, it keeps my water very clean.






Evaporation isn't much of a problem with me. I personally top off the tank only twice every 2 weeks since the summer started. The temperature sensor in the fan senses the outside air, and the fan turns on once the air goes above the maximum temperature that I set for it. The fan isn't running all the time, and turns on only when it needs to be on. I think it works really well and it helps me keep an almost constant 79 degrees in my tank.

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Thanks for the compliment. I am using a Coralife 20 watt mini PC bulb. It fits in an incandescent bulb socket. My mushrooms are thriving and doing really well under this light.

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